My name is Simon Gwinner, I am an Interaction/UX Designer, sometimes multidisciplinary artist & alumni from Zurich University of Arts. Currently located in Munich, Germany, where I design for and with Designit.
I'm interested in exploring human behaviors as well as cultural identities & am passionate about technology and the future. I'm a prototype experienced and curious designer and am triggered to design for and with culture. In the past, I spend some time exploring the culture of dreaming.

Designing things that matter and have a meaningful experience in the world, in both space and time, is mandatory for me.

Also, I like to tell stories. Whether it's fictional or speculative story writing or with a visual mindset that hopefully inspires.

b. 1991 as a Franco-Suisse child of the sun

Currently designing for and with Designit in Munich, Germany, but always up for exciting adventures:
My path to become a designer

Zurich University of Arts
Bachelor of Arts in Product and Industrial Design, specialization in Interaction Design
(between 2013—2017)

Designit in Munich
Interaction Design Internship
(between March—Sept 16)

School of Creative Media, CityU in Hong Kong
Exchange Semester
(between Sept 15—Feb 16)

Zurich University of Arts
Creative remedial course
(between Feb 12—Feb 13)

I'm (was) also busy with

Orange Peel
Music Blogger, Co-Founder
(between 2013–Now)

GDS.FM in Zurich
Broadcaster / Editor
(between 2016–Now)

Radio 3FACH in Lucerne
Broadcaster / Editor
(between 2011–2016)

Duckstance Digital GmbH in Zurich
Blogger / Copywriter
(between 2012–2014)

110 GmbH in Lucerne
Film Production & Allrounder
(between 2012–2013)

Ulmann+Partner AG in Lucerne
Commercial Internship
(between 2010–2011)

Soft Skills

Human-Centric Design
Interaction Design Principles
Experience Design Principles
User Experience
User Research
Embodied Interaction
Design Methodology & Thinking
Communication and presentation
Service Design Principles
Spatial Interaction

Hard Skills

User Research
Rapid sketching and ideation
Physical Computing
Graphical User Interface
Mobile User Interface
Interactive Visualization
Top-notch prototyping with various tools
Physical Prototyping
Rapid Prototyping
Code (HTML, CSS, JS, Java)

Simon Gwinner

I'm currently working & playing hard with an amazing team at Designit in Munich, where I also did an internship as an Interaction Designer during my studies. Feb 2018 - Now

I can’t show you most of the work I have done with Designit – confidential — but I can talk about what my responsibilities have been, just ask me!

I studied Interaction Design at Zurich University of Arts, Switzerland between Sept 13—Jun 17. I've also been on an exchange semester at School of Creative Media, CityU in Hong Kong Sept 15—Feb 16.

Before my studies I conducted a one year remedial course at Zurich University of Arts, Switzerland Feb 12—Feb 13.

Besides designing I also worked as a Radio Host / Broadcaster at Radio 3FACH in Lucerne. I still do radio but I moved to GDS.FM – an online radio based in Zurich, where I have an ongoing monthly show.

From time to time I also worked as a Freelancer at 110 – a creative/film agency in Lucerne and did some editorial stuff for Duckstance Digital GmbH.
What I'm good at and where I still try to be better.
I (think) I'm good in interaction design principles, user experience, rapid prototyping, getting my hands dirty, design thinking, conceptual, critical and creative mindset, collaborating with designers and non designers, pull things apart, put thing back together, debate, careful listening, abandon (bad) ideas, generate better ideas, making sandwiches, work and play hard, stay fair, forge stories, fictious writing, giving (hopefully) meaningful advices, being an introvert, spreading positive vibes, sharing good music, Sketch, Principle, Invision and all other mandatory design applications.

I still try to code (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java) better, learn relevant coding languages and am really interest in the possibilities with VR.

I also want to be better in designing in 3D environments, gain deeper knowledge in typography as well as realistic sketching and learn new ways of design thinking.
How do you see your future?
As you, neither do I really know what will happen in the future. But what I know for myself is, that I want to live in a world that is driven by culture, enhanced by technology but always stays sustainable. As long as we can't move to space, planet earth is still a place of communion. And we all — no matter where we live and who we are — are part of it.

Some goals I set for myself are to write more about anything, be part of a community, appear more like an extrovert, sketch everyday, read more books, write a novel letter to someone unknown that inspired me, find my own Silicon Valley, travel more, live abroad, do more, learn Japanese, never stop asking questions, share knowledge, learn everyday.
What keeps me busy...
I co-founded the music blog Orange Peel to cover all kinds of better contemporary pop music together with Kilian Mutter and a bunch of cool music enthusiast.

With Lorena Strohner and Nora Gailer I'm also INT RA, an interactive Art collective exploring and encouraging fields of communication and perception between technology, humans and social structures.

And last but not least, I just created my own little universe, where I want to write more about design, share inspirational things I discover, play around with codes and (hopefully) inspire people for a common journey into a new universe.

Enough talking about myself, tell me something about yourself!